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Introducing the Interns: Sam Baldwin

And today, I introduce to you the fourth and final intern, Sam Baldwin.

Sam is so thrilled to be working with Orphic for his first real dramaturgy project! He’s originally from Seattle but has lived in Portland for the last three years. He is a senior at the University of Portland, and is studying philosophy and theater with an emphasis in acting. Some notable productions he’s been involved with include Pippin and Eurydice, from which he learned to love Greek adaptation. He is a firm believer in theater's ability to communicate philosophies and is excited to cultivate both his fields of study into one work. It’s kind of a dream come true to help adapt some of the most philosophy steeped theater there is.

Greek tragedy is indeed rich with philosophy, and we're about to get into that big time. You'll be seeing a few posts from me in the coming weeks about my delvings into the commentary and criticism on Herakles, and once August hits and the internship officially begins, Sam, Phoebe, Maddie, and Kai will be sharing their findings as well. I'm so excited to have all of them on board for this!

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