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Introducing the Interns: Phoebe Whittington

It's Wednesday! And on this Wednesday, I would like you to meet Phoebe Whittington.

Phoebe Whittington is a fiction writer, comic artist, and scriptwriter. Her work and research often explore environmentalism, intersectionality, the presentation of violence, and adaptation of existing texts. Most recently, her short fiction piece, Fireweed, recieved first place in the Amy M. Young Awards in Creative Writing and subsequently appeared in PLUM: Pacific's Literature by Undergraduates Magazine. Phoebe was previously the editor of Pacific University’s Undergraduate Research Newsletter in the Arts & Humanities and is currently an assistant editor for Silk Road: A Literary Crossroads. She enjoys hikes with her dogs and cooking with her friends. She is completing her BA at Pacific University in Forest Grove and will graduate in 2020.

Welcome, Phoebe! We're so happy to have you.

Tomorrow, we'll announce the fourth and final of our dramaturgical interns. See you then!

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