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Introducing the Interns: Maddie Nguyen

Today I'd like to introduce you to Maddie Nguyen, another of our dramaturgical interns for the 2019 program.

Maddie Nguyen is a Theater major at the University of Portland about to enter her last semester. As an acting emphasis, she has appeared on the University of Portland stage in shows such as Tartuffe, Boeing Boeing, and Dog Sees God. She's also long carried a torch for creating and devising, having worked on HOME: A Devised Production at University of Portland and Experience Cult's Hamletmachine for the 2019 Fertile Ground Festival, as well as having written and directed the annual culture show, Hello Vietnam, for the University of Portland's Vietnamese Student Association for the past three years. As someone who's fascinated by stories, the way that stories are told, and the way that stories relate to and interconnect with each other and the people who tell them, Maddie is very excited to be have the opportunity to work with Orphic.

And we are excited to have Maddie!

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