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Our interns, and what they'll be tackling

We have our playwright, and we have our source material, and now, we have our interns!

I'm very excited to welcome Adele Kennedy and Riley Olson to the team. Together, we'll be delving into Sophocles' play, Ajax. His tragedy concerning the massive hero from the Trojan War is not as well-known as his Theban plays, but it is deeply resonant today as it touches on the stress and horror of war, with not only the immediacy of death on stage (an extreme rarity with the Greeks), but also with the lamentations and considerations that follow.

There will be much to share with you regarding our exploration of Ajax in the coming weeks, and much to share about our wonderful interns, Riley and Adele. For now, be content to know that we had several brilliant candidates apply for the internship, and after much deliberation, these two rose to the top. We're so excited to have them, and to begin our work!

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