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Our 2017 Playwright, Karin Magaldi!

Orphic is absolutely thrilled to announce that Karin Magaldi is the recipient of our 2017 commission!

Karin is a dramaturg, playwright and director. She is also Associate Director of the School of Music & Theater at Portland State University (PSU). She has served as dramaturg on many productions in Portland with Artists Repertory Theatre, CoHo Productions, The Milagro Theater, Portland Center Stage at The Armory, Portland Playhouse and Third Rail Repertory Theatre. As a director she has worked at CoHo Productions, The Milagro Theater, Portland Center Stage and Portland State University (PSU).

Karin has a history adapting plays. Jack and the Bones is based on the story of Jack and Beanstalk, Verge Warnings came from Dante's Inferno, Wilde Tales brings together the children's stories of Oscar Wilde, and The Spectacles is Karin's take on the Edgar Allen Poe story of the same title.

We're thrilled to see what she'll do in the realm of Greek tragedy!

There will be more word on what particular play she will adapt in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, raise a wineskin in honor of Karin!

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