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Musing About Design

The next project puts our interns into the various designer roles for a theoretical production of Iphigenia 3.0.

Caleb Codding is designing the spatial elements, and determining how and where the projections will appear.

Lindsay is designing the animated sequences in the prologue, and perhaps other pieces to be used at other moments in the play.

Jake is designing the costumes and props, and if you've looked at the script, you know some of the wild stuff that it calls for.

Though we are very much looking forward to our July workshop, this particular project is not based on any currently slated production. We're working hypothetically, with an unlimited budget, and an unlimited imagination. Even so, we're communicating from the outset, checking in on each designer's needs, ideas, and inspiration, as if we were an actual production team. There are a great deal of specifics to hammer out, and all three areas influence each other tremendously, so collaboration is a must.

But we'll start sparsely. Caleb, Lindsay, Jake: What's a one-two word response to the visual world of this play?

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