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Next Step: Audience and Events

Starting a new company is a fragile thing, especially in the arts; it is, unfortunately more than common to see theatre companies come and go, art spaces turned into offices and call centers-- but all that means is that the art scene is always changing. In my experience, one of the best things you can do in a company's infancy is to find a space, whether it be temporary or permanent, and begin a working relationship with the public by holding events that are in-line with that company's mission statement-- growing with the community and not against. For Orphic this might mean holding workshops on play writing or dramaturgy, discussing specific aspects of Greek literature and culture, or even something so simple as holding public readings of works adapted from Greek literature by local (or not so local) artists. I do believe that we have a special duty as artists and appreciators of art to support the craft, and what better way to support them by holding discussions, talk-backs, or workshops? By hosting events like these it not only opens up Orphic to a new audience, supporters, funders, artists, etc-- but it also gives the public a better understanding of the work Orphic wants to create. So, how do we go about doing this? Most importantly we need subscribers, which means we need to pinpoint our work towards specific demographics which is a job for advertising. Once you have the audience you can do a couple of things: 1) start a monthly newsletter detailing events, updates, offering access to adaptations, featuring a playwright or a specific play, etc. 2) keep up with a regular blog and invite your audience to join in on the conversation 3) or "first look" opportunities--giving them "sneek peeks" at new work-- essentially, you make subscribing important and with benefits comes a kind of wonderful anticipation for new art and discussion. Once we have a growing list of folks who are tuned into Orphic, we can begin to branch out and offer different events that help keep the artistic community as well as Orphic fresh and open. So my core question turns to this: how do we begin building relationships with people? What is something that you subscribe to that you enjoy or look forward to, and why? And, finally, how can we implement that into the advertising work already being done?

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